The family of a Maryland woman who was killed by police was awarded $37 million after winning a civil case against Baltimore County police on Friday.

CBS Baltimore reports an all-female jury decided the first shot fired at Korryn Gaines by Baltimore County Cpl. Royce Ruby was not objectively justifiable.

Officers fatally shot the 23-year-old in 2016 after illegally entering her home and partaking in an hours-long standoff. Gaines, who was holding a shotgun and her infant son when police invaded her home, was shot by an officer. After firing back at the cop, Gaines was killed.

Officers went to Gaines’ home to serve an arrest warrant resulting from a traffic stop.

The young boy, who was being held in his mother’s arms, sustained injuries following the shooting. The 5-year-old will receive the bulk of the money from the wrongful death lawsuit. The jury allotted $32 million to Kodi Gaines.

Ruby remains on the force after state attorney Scott Shellenberger declared the officer’s shooting was justifiable.