After serving an 8-game suspension for sharing a link to a film with antisemitic tropes on social media, Brooklyn Nets star guard Kyrie Irving made his return on Sunday, reports ESPN.

Scoring 14 points and adding five rebounds in 26 minutes of action as the Nets defeated the Memphis Grizzlies 127-115, Irving expressed how happy he was to be back on the court after being off for two weeks.

"It felt good," Irving said. "It felt good. I missed my teammates, missed the coaching staff. ... It felt good to get this game out of the way. Now we can move forward with the rest of the season."

Earlier on Sunday, Irving offered another apology while again stating that he is "not antisemitic.” 

When asked if he and the National Basketball Players Association would file a grievance against the Nets and the NBA over his suspension, Irving said he would leave that in the hands of his team.

"I got to leave that to my legal team and leave that to the warriors I have around me," he said. "I have some strong people, men and women around me, that are going to do everything possible to make sure that I'm protected, my family's protected, and we protect one another. So I'm sure some things will be done in the future, but there's no timetable on that right now."

Although he said he wanted to keep the focus on the game, reporters asked him about the demonstration that took place before the game by a group from Israel United in Christ outside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The religious sect, which has been designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, passed out flyers about "The Truth About Anti-Semitism" and "The Truth about Slavery" as fans entered the arena.

"I think that's a conversation for another day," he responded. "I'm just here to focus on the game."

Despite all the controversy that surrounded Irving and the Nets for the last few weeks, the team was ecstatic to have their point guard back on the court,

"It's always nice to just focus on the game," Kevin Durant said. "We understand the circumstances around our game now. Our league is getting bigger, there's so much attention on it, so every little thing might get blown up nowadays, so as much as we can just focus on playing ball and keep growing as a team, I think our fans can get behind that. I think you guys will get behind that as well. So we just want to keep stacking up good days, see what happens."