It could just be a Virgo thing. You know: the perfectionist, meticulous and driven characteristics that Angela Christine Stevens innately has for creating the best styles possible. Or it could just be her hustle and drive. No matter what the inspiration behind her hard work, Stevens has always showed up and showed out. From winning various hair competitions to styling some of the elite celebs on WeTV's show, LA Hair beside Kim Kimble, Angela Christine Stevens is proving that she’s well on her way to celeb stylist stardom. 

EBONY: What have been some of the best learning experiences working under Kim Kimble?

Angela Christine: Working as Kim’s assistant really taught me how to work under pressure while still being creative. The last few years have been the most challenging and professionally rewarding experiences of my life. We all wear many hats in the salon, but the viewers may not always see that on the show. We’re filming L.A. Hair, but we also work on a variety of freelance jobs within television, and video shoots. So no day is the same. Even while we are filming, our clients need us and the show must go on. For me, the excitement comes from figuring out how to juggle so many responsibilities at once. I’m thankful every day to be so blessed to be on this journey!

EBONY: Was it nerve wrecking in the beginning to do your clients’ hair with the cameras in front of you 24/7?

AC: When we first started shooting L.A. Hair, I wanted all of my clients’ hairstyles to be perfect. It was hard to balance. I felt the most pressure when dealing with trying to look good on camera and making my clients look good at the same time. Usually it’s about how great my clients look, not me. But I didn’t like that I Iooked frumpy and tired, so I wasn’t very excited at first to be filming the show. It was just awkward having a camera stuck in your face while working and talking. When I used to hear reality castpeople say they forget the cameras are there, I never believed them. But naturally, after a few weeks, you just get used to it.

EBONY: How has the exposure on WE tv helped push your career forward?

AC: The exposure has helped me realize that I am now in a position to inspire other hair professionals. It’s not easy stepping out on faith and relocating to a new city alone to follow your dreams. I’m a constant reminder of that journey for viewers every Thursday. Career wise, I’ve realized that I can really do anything I put my mind to. So I’m continually thinking and planning for the next great business venture and opportunity. I have a lot going on in the pipeline that I am excited to share very soon!

EBONY: In the first season, we saw there were a few moments of tension with you and Chyna. Have you both been able to work closer together in the second season?

AC: I hated some of the things I said last season! A few times I cringed and was hurt by how badly we treated each other. What I have learned from last season is, you’re not always going to be on the same page all the time with your co-workers. At the end of the day, however, your personal relationships should not take away from the main agenda, which is getting work done. If we can’t agree on anything else, we can agree that the salon is meant to make money and satisfy our clients’ beauty needs. This season you got to see a more functional relationship between the two of us with a few bumps and bruises along the way.

EBONY: What are some of your favorite go-to products for your clients with breakage, natural and thinning hair?

AC: I love It’s a 10 Miracle leave-in conditioner. It really helps detangle and maintain moisture and shine on all hair types. I also love Kimble’s Hair Care Brazilian Nut and Acai Berry Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s sulfate free and great for all hair types. My last favorite product is Kenra Texturizing Taffy. It helps add moisture to curly and natural styles, but also helps define curls. Something new I’m trying is the Salon Pro Weft Sealer; it’s good to use when prepping weave tracks in order to reduce shedding. Extensions are so expensive. You want to preserve them as long as possible.

EBONY: We can definitely tell that you’ll own a hair salon in the future. Is this a part of your bigger dream?

AC: Owning a salon is a goal of mine. I’d like to open my first in Chicago at some point. But I also realized my new passion is public speaking and teaching. I get so many stylists from around the country who ask me questions on how to use a tool, create a look and more via social media, and many of them are just starting out. I’d really like to help bridge the gap between cosmetology school to professional success among beginner stylists and provide weave education for licensed professionals. That is my next frontier! Also developing products for the salon and at home. My life isn’t quite ready yet in terms of owning a salon, due to traveling. But when it’s the right moment, I’ll know.

EBONY: Besides being a celebrity stylist, what else would you like to be known for in the hair industry?

AC: I’d like to be known mainly as a young woman who is on the “go team.” This means I’m always setting goals to keep moving forward. And I want to encourage other sisters to embrace the same mentality when it comes to entrepreneurship.

I just went back to my cosmetology school, Pivot Point International in Chicago, to speak with about 700 people at this year’s graduation. It was an amazing experience! This television opportunity has allowed me to think about diversifying my skills and expertise into more than just styling hair behind the chair. I want to be known as the young Black woman on television that had a dream and keeps dreaming, achieving and inspiring. I’m more enriched now then ever: mentally, spiritually and physically. The sky is the limit.

Tune into to L.A. Hair’s season finale tonight on WE tv at 9PM EST and check out Angela’s YouTube channel at AngelaCstyles for hair tips and more.