La La Anthony has a strong and independent hustler’s spirit.

While balancing motherhood and being a wife to NBA athlete, Carmelo Anthony, the Brooklyn-bred businesswoman has managed to expand her brand and keep her court filled with endeavors that stretch from reality TV and developing shows to producing and acting to keeping ladies flawless with her make-up line Motives for La La.

She’s living life on her terms and aims to share that message with all.

On February 4, La La will address more than 25-thousand retailers and business professionals at Market America’s 2016 Convention in Miami. The annual conference is designed to help leaders strategically improve business and become powerful entrepreneurs.

Sharing tips from her New York Times bestselling book, The Power Playbook, La La will discuss “The Booming Success of Motives.”

“What’s great about the convention is that we’re talking to mainly women, but men as well, about empowering yourself,” she says. “Through my make-up line, Motives for La La and Motives as a whole, it’s not just about ‘oh buy this lipstick and eye shadow’, it’s about creating a business for yourself, where you become the person that sales the make-up. I like the conference because it’s inspiring, and we talk about becoming your own boss.”

In a conversation with EBONY, the stylish and down-to-earth La La shares her three key components to becoming a successful BOSS and creating the life you want.

1. Sculpt Your Brand: Have an understanding of who you are and then begin to create and market your brand.

“Your brand speaks to who you are and the things you’re involved in. It’s about observing the marketplace, knowing your interest and figuring out how you can turn that into a business. You have to start with ‘What do I like?’ and your brand should align with that.”

Power Play: “I took baby steps in creating my brand, starting with being an intern at a radio station [in Atlanta] then transitioning to being an MTV VJ, then reality TV, producing, transitioning into acting, creating a make-up line, clothing and writing the two books. You have to map out the plan and go step-by-step.”

2. Utilize social media: Build a trusted persona and people will follow the journey and invest in product.

“ Marketing now is hugely based on social media, building your following and really understanding how to promote your product and brand. Even if you don’t have a strong social following, understand how to use your channels to push out the message or product you want out there.”

Power Play: “People know that I wouldn’t just put my name on anything and with my make-up line, I have personally reviewed, approved and made sure that it was something missing in the marketplace and a product that I like and wear.”

3. Take Risks: Do what you love and believe in your product and brand.

“I encourage people to do something that you love, even if it means doing it for free. When I was an intern at a radio station, I got hands-on experience with what I wanted to do at the time. I was able to find my voice [in the entertainment industry] because I got a real understanding of the business and continued to evolve from there. I’m glad I took a risk on myself. It ended up benefiting me in the end.”

Power Play: “I wanted to be in charge of what I was doing and be in control of my life. I wasn’t afraid to work for free and I think that internship was the turning point for me and what I ended up doing.”

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