Last year, the world lost a legend when world-renown boxer, Muhammad Ali, passed away in June.

Now, his daughter, Laila Ali, is honoring him in her new cookbook.

Food for Life: Delicious & Healthy Comfort Food From My Table To Yours! seeks to assist African-Americans with eating their way to better health.

And the book, set for 2018 release date, goes beyond just providing healthy recipes.

“The epidemic we face in our country with people suffering from diabetes, heart disease, obesity and other illnesses is largely connected to our lifestyle choices, and unfortunately the African American community is disproportionately affected,” says Ali.”I am passionate about encouraging others and providing all people with tools to improve their health and overall quality of life!”

Ali credits her mother and father for her commitment to eating healthy, and causing her to set a healthy diet for her own children.

“My father and I both have always had a love affair with tasty homemade meals and comfort foods. Another thing my father loved was a great burger at some of the local burger joints he encountered during his worldwide travels,” the 39-year-old states. “So when my dad was still alive and well, to surprise him during one of my trips to visit him in Arizona, I shared with him that I named one of his favorite burgers after him. It’s called ‘The Ali Burger.'”

Food For Life contains more than 100 recipes, ranging from Stovetop Ratatouille to Oven-“Fried” Chicken.

Food For Life: Delicious & Healthy Comfort Food From My Table To Yours! is available January 23, 2018.