Department of Education Overhauls Loan Forgiveness Program

Last week, the Department of Education (DOE) announced multiple changes to the Public Servant Loan Forgiveness Program. First, the department will be rolling out a limited-time initiative, which will allow student borrowers to "count payments from all federal loan programs or repayment plans toward forgiveness," according to a statement shared by the DOE. Secondly, the agency is rolling out plants to automate the PSLF process, which will "give borrowers a way to get errors corrected, and make it easier for members of the military to get credit toward forgiveness while they serve." Lastly, the overhaul will include a communications campaign targeted towards getting the word out about the program.

New COVID Cases Fall by 25 Percent

According to Axios, new COVID cases fell by 25 percent last month, suggesting that the worst of the Delta wave may be in the past. Unfortunately, COVID-related deaths are still on the rise; however, those numbers are expected to decline as cases continue to fall.

La La Anthony Breaks Silence on Divorce

In an interview with Angie Martinez, La La Anthony addressed her divorce from Carmelo Anthony, the lengthy separation that preceded the divorce filing, and the infidelity that surrounded the couple's split. "It came out of nowhere. I wasn't expecting it," Anthony said of the circumstances that led to the breakup. "Even a lawyer said once, 'Well, he's a basketball player—what did you expect?' And I'm like, 'To be honest, I didn't expect that. I didn't go into this marriage expecting that. So I was caught off guard." Further, she expressed that because the scandal played out in the headlines, it made processing the emotions particularly difficult. "I was bad because it was public. I was bad because there were other people involved. I was bad because there were allegations. It got bad." These days, Anthony says she's in a much better place and is able to have a positive co-parenting relationship and friendship with the Los Angeles Lakers player.

Usher Welcomes Fourth Child

Usher is now a proud father of four. The "Lovers and Friends" singer announced the birth of his third son on Instagram Tuesday, writing, "Hi my name is Sire Castrello Raymond … I am the newest addition to the Raymond crew." Sire was born on September 29 and is the entertainer's second child with his girlfriend, Jenn Goicoechea.

New Study and Visuals Reveal Risk Rising Sea Levels Post to Major Cities

A new study and accompanying visual analysis conducted by Climate Central, a nonprofit research group, revealed that 50 major coastal cities will be partially submerged underwater if the world fails to keep global warming within 1.5 degrees Celcius of pre-industrial levels, Gizmodo reports. Among the areas in American cities that would be impacted by rising sea levels are New York City's Statue of Liberty Monument, the San Diego Pier, areas of the Houston Space Center, and parts of Hoboken, New Jersey.