Lalah Hathaway is the latest artist to share her distaste for cell phones at her concerts. The vocal gymnast recently penned a lengthy note to fans that has since been removed from Instagram.

In the message, the Grammy Award-winning singer expresses her frustration with trying to perform while looking out into a sea of cell phones, calling them “annoying” and “distracting,” according to a screenshot obtained by The Jasmine Brand.

“My people. You are not at the zoo. You are not the paparazzi. Put your phone down at my show. Please don’t record me, or take pictures of my show. Do not stream my show or InstaLive my work.”

She continued, “It is SUPER distracting, and rude to the people around you. Your flash is annoying and draws me out of my space-which I am working to create – for YOU.”

Hathaway went on to say she will have a strict zero-tolerance policy when it comes to cell phones from now on.

“If you need to check on your children, or look at the weather, or check your Instagram feed, or play candy crush – please step out of the venue and into the hallway or lobby. What I give to you is from my heart – and is MY intellectual property. If you do NOT get it- please stay home.”

The “Angel” songstress joins Kendrick Lamar, Dave Chappelle and a growing list of performers who now require fans lock up cell phones before their shows.

You can read Hathaway’s full post here.