The hit assassin action series, John Wick, hits a stylish and spellbinding crescendo with a visually striking Chapter 4, that elevates and expands the franchise and its world. It will also be the last known film for actor Lance Reddick, who passed away suddenly earlier this month.

When we last saw Wick, who’s now become an iconic character thanks to Keanu Reeves’ stoic yet vulnerable portrayal, he was being hunted down by his brethren of killers after being deemed “excommunicado.” In John Wick: Chapter 4, he gathers his allies and targets his fire on the head of “The High Table,” the shadowy ring leaders who run the assassin ecosystem and economy.

“It’s just been getting more and more special in a way,” Reeves says, as he reflected on the series that’s grossed more than $587 million over three films, and increased it’s gross worldwide with each entry. “[Director] Chad Stahelski and I've been able to play in that sandbox, and that's really, really rare. It's changed my life.”

Actor Lance Reddick returns as the gun toting concierge Charon. The late actor, most known for The Wire, sat down with EBONY before his passing on March 17, 2023, hyping up the latest installment's scale compared to its predecessors. Castmates paid tribute to Lance Reddick during the red carpet of the movie's premiere by wearing blue ribbons on their lapels.

“It’s epic,” said Reddick. “The movie is so big in scope and where we go. And it really does feel like an epic from the beginning to the end.”

Laurence Fishburne also returns to the franchise as The Bowery King for his third go around. He was captivated by the first John Wick film and was itching to be a part of it. It looks like he made it happen.

“When you consider the size and the scope of this film, it's like around the world with John Wick,” Fishburne says. “I called them! I was like, ‘Hey, who I need to sleep with to be in these movies?’ Keanu was like, ‘We got something for you. We've been thinking about you.’ They sent it over and thought this is right in the pocket for me. I get to work with people that I love, doing what I love, and people love what we're doing it. So it's win, win, win.”

Shamier Anderson joins the John Wick franchise as a bounty hunter called “Tracker.” The Canadian actor is a Wing Chun Kung Fu practitioner, making him a perfect fit for the stunt and combat heavy Wick universe.

“The best part about this film is they want to showcase your skill sets,” Anderson shares. “When I met Chad (Stahelski), I said, ‘I do some Wing Chun. I do Mai Tai as well.’ But you know, if you look closer, you'll see some cool stuff.”

Cool is certainly an understatement. John Wick: Chapter 4, is the best film in the franchise, and one of the best action films of all-time. The globe-trotting adventure is made for the big screen, and demands an IMAX viewing.