The Los Angeles Police Department has named the officer who was off-duty when he fired a gun during an altercation with a 13-year-old in Anaheim.

Officer Kevin Ferguson was caught on video on Feb. 21. The footage shows him refusing to release a teenage boy of Latino descent, allegedly after the child threatened to kill him. Onlookers, also appearing to be teenagers, can be heard pleading with the LAPD cop for the boy’s release.

Anaheim police say the confrontation stemmed from ongoing issues with juveniles walking across Ferguson’s property. In the video, the teen can be heard saying the officer made an offensive remark to a female friend of his.

Video footage shows a teen pushing the officer in hopes of freeing his friend from Ferguson’s grip. As a result, the cop falls over a bush, but does not let the teen go. As more teens approach, the officer pulls out his gun and discharges a single shot.

A day after the video surfaced online, hundreds took to the area where the incident occurred. They called for disciplinary action against the officer and 23 people were arrested.

The LAPD is conducting its own investigation into the incident in addition to the one being executed by Anaheim’s police department.

Ferguson has been placed on administrative leave pending the investigation. The department will hand over the case to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office to determine if any charges should be filed.