Lauren London and longtime partner, rapper Nipsey Hussle, recently left fans in awe of their GQ ‘California Love’ photo spread featuring the couple rocking high-fashion looks throughout the streets of South Los Angeles.

In a new interview with Hollywood Life, the actress shares that changing her eating habits before the shoot contributed to her snatched figure, saying, “GQ reached out to us, me and Nip, and wanted to do the power couple segment, and we were both for it and I just drank a lot of water and ate a lot of fruit and vegetables!”

She goes on, “I don’t have time to workout at all, so I just made sure that the foods that I took into my body were live, healthy foods that worked with my body, not against it.”

As a working mother of two boys (Cameron, 9, whom she shares with ex Lil’ Wayne, and Kross, 3, her son with Hussle), London can’t help but to stay active, rewarding her kids for their patience when work becomes demanding.

“I always tell my kids that when I’m done with a project that we’ll go on a little vacation or a staycation so they have something to look forward to at the end of a project and then on my days off I’m just full on hands on,” Lauren reveals. “I make lunches, I take them to school, I pick them up, I take them to birthdays, so my days off aren’t even dedicated to me, they’re dedicated to them."

London also shares that she’d support her sons dreams, even if it meant them entering the world of entertainment themselves.

“I just want them to be happy, well-rounded human beings, so if they wanted to do music or acting or whatever they decided to do that they felt God placed on their heart, I support that.”