It’s unfortunate, but Lauryn Hill has undoubtedly developed a reputation for tardiness when it comes to her live shows. There have even been times where the “Ex-Factor” singer didn’t show up at all, most recently in Nashville, TN, where she claims Hurricane Michael caused her band to miss their gig.

Two hours after the slated 6:30pm start time, Hill tweeted that her band’s flights had been grounded due to the natural disaster.

In a pair of lengthy tweets Hill explained, “Nashville, I am very sorry about the circumstances surrounding tonight’s scheduled performance. Flights for our entire band and most of our crew were grounded due to Hurricane Michael. Flights keep getting delayed, our band now doesn’t arrive until after midnight. We tried to find local musicians that could fill in, but there wasn’t enough time to get it all together.”

Hill also thanked her supporters and addressed those who were upset, saying, “I can’t control the weather or airline policies. I didn’t make the hurricane or flight cancellations up, you can check for yourself. I actually tried to wing it with musicians and sound crew who aren’t familiar with my arrangements. Had that show not been good you would have still been upset.

“If I don’t get a pass for a hurricane, then you weren’t rocking with me anyway.”

Read her full explanation below.