For actress Laverne Cox, being a Black and transgender woman hasn’t been easy when landing roles. During a Q&A at Macy’s Herald Square In New York City  in recognition of Black History Month on Thursday, the Orange Is the New Black star opened up about her experiences in the field with casting directors and how she’s often overlooked for roles.

“Two years ago … I was in the waiting room with actresses who were like, ‘Oh my God, this is my fourth audition today,” Cox said during the talk, according to AM New York. “And I was like, ‘Oh, I’ve never auditioned that much.’ There have never been that many parts as a Black, openly transgender woman. Because I am who I am, there probably have been fewer opportunities for me to work.”

Cox, who is famous for her role of Sophia Burset in the Netflix original series, also said she would like to focus on producing more in addition to acting.

“Certainly there are fewer opportunities for someone like me being Black and being trans and being a woman. In the face of that, it’s not bad,” she said. “The truth is I’m one of the lucky ones. The question for me becomes … as I produce, how to bring other people along for the ride.”

“For me, it’s Black History Month every month, to be real. And for me, Black history is American history,” Cox continued. “Yes it’s been challenging for me being a Black trans woman doing my thing, but when I think about that, I’m thinking it’s not as hard as how they had it.”