State and federal lawmakers are calling for a criminal investigation in Florida where the Stand Your Ground defense was used yet again due to another incident where a person was killed during a dispute over a parking spot. Among the congressional representatives calling for the investigation are Democratic party Senators Corey Booker, Bill Nelson, and Kamala Harris and Democratic House Representatives Charlie Crist and Alcee Hastings. Democratic party state representatives Oscar Branyon and Shervin Jones sent an open letter to local authorities calling for the arrest of the shooter in the incident.

According to news reports, Markeis McGlockton parked in a handicap spot and entered a store with his family. Michael Drejka questioned him about it and a fight broke out where he ended up pulling out a gun and killing McGlockton. Local authorities decided not to press charges against Drejka because he is claimed self-defense. McGlockton’s family has retained Benjamin Crump, a well-known attorney in civil rights circles, and he has called on the law to be amended. Crump also represented Trayvon Martin’s family who was killed by George Zimmerman. He also used the self-defense argument.

Federal lawmakers sent a letter to United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Assistant Attorney General John Gore who heads the civil rights at the Department of Justice. McGlockton was buried today with his loved ones bidding him farewell.