Congresswoman Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) will inform with a quickness that she’s no fan of President Donald Trump. During a Fox News segment on Monday, conservative talk show host Lawrence Jones claimed one of Water’s calls to impeach the president was actually a reference to assassination.

“I’m a free speech person and I’m a libertarian, but when you incite violence that should be investigated,” Jones said of a comment Waters made on Oct.13 when she said she’d “take the president out tonight.”

While most understood Waters was again referencing her movement to ‘Impeach 45,’ Jones claimed the comment posed a danger to the president.

“I’m not so concerned about Maxine Waters; I’m concerned about the people that listen to her—the people that tried to assassinate Republican congressmen at a baseball field,” he said in reference of a July shooting which targeted Republican lawmakers. “This is the type of behavior that sends these people out to assassinate Republicans.”

Democratic strategist Michael Starr Hopkins who was also present during the Fox segment referenced the same dangerous rhetoric enforced by Republicans, particularly Trump.

“Donald Trump applauded when protesters were beaten,” he said of a pre-election Trump rally when the president urged violent attendees to continue assaulting Black protesters. He even offered to pay the men’s legal fees.

“He said that the crowd should go father, he said that the protesters in Charlottesville were good people,” Hopkins said.

During a Tuesday CNN interview, Waters confirmed her statement was indeed in reference to impeaching the president.