The lawyer who was caught on camera in a racist tirade last week is apologizing.

Aaron Schlossberg took to Twitter on Tuesday saying he was sorry for his actions and that he isn’t a racist.

“Seeing myself online opened my eyes—the manner in which I expressed myself is unacceptable and is not the person I am,” he wrote. “I see my words and my actions hurt people, and for that I am deeply sorry.”

Schlossberg was at a Fresh Kitchen restaurant in New York City on May 15 when he railed against people speaking Spanish.

“My next call is to (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to have each one of them kicked out of my country,” he said in the viral video. “If they have the balls to come here and live off my money — I pay for their welfare, I pay for their ability to live here. The least they can do is speak English.”

The Manhattan lawyer was seen running from reporters following the incident and there have been calls by New York’s City Council to have him disbarred, according to the New York Daily News.