Lawyers for Botham Jean’s family said on Thursday that law enforcement is trying to “smear” and to assassinate the character of the Jean, who was killed in his apartment by an off-duty police officer on Sept. 6, HuffPost reports.

Police officials seized 10.4 grams of weed and a marijuana grinder from Jean’s apartment, according to a police affidavit.

Lee Merrit, who represents the family, told The Associated Press that cops “immediately began looking to smear [Jean]” when they decided to search his apartment believing that they did so with the intent to find drug paraphernalia.

Jean, 26, was shot and killed by 30-year-old Amber Guyger last week, after she entered his apartment, mistaking it for her own.

Guyger, who lives a floor below Jean’s, told cops that she noticed that the door was ajar and thought that someone has broken into her place.

Witnesses disputed Guygers claim and said that they heard her knock on the door and shout “let me in, let me in” before she shot Jean twice in the chest.

Benjamin Crump, another attorney representing Jean’s family, said that officers finding marijuana in the apartment was “nothing but a disgusting attempt to assassinate his character now that they have assassinated his person,” according to NBC DFW.

In addition to the marijuana, officers found a laptop and a vest with “police” markings on it, per NBC DFW. It is unclear if any of the items belonged to Jean.

“An off-duty cop goes into the wrong apartment and shoots the man who lives there dead, and so, as we’ve come to expect, local law enforcement is doing what it can to cast aspersions at the innocent victim — to suggest he was ‘no angel’ — and therefore apparently deserved to be shot dead in his own home,” said defense attorney David Menschel to HuffPost. “And much of the media plays along, amplifying law enforcement’s propaganda.”