Sunday Best winner Le’Andria Johnson apologized on Monday for using profanity in her scathing critique of the Church and Bishop Marvin Winans. The language caused her to lose her gig on the gospel lineup for the recently concluded Essence Festival in New Orleans. However, the singer still says that she is not fond of “church politics” and wants to “better the community of the Church.”

“To all of my fans who are out there who do go to church, me saying F the Church, I meant to address the politics of the church,” Johnson said in an Instagram video. “All the little undermining things that [are] going on in the Church that hurt people like me, people like other people who have been through a lot of things in the church.”

She continued, “You know Christianity, it’s just a lot that’s going on. So the way I said it, using the F-bomb, I apologize to the fans of mine that do go to church. I do apologize if I’ve offended you.”

Watch the series of video clips to hear Johnson’s full apology below.