LeBron James apologized for sharing a stereotypical lyrical about Jewish wealth over the weekend.

On Sunday morning, sports reporter Darren Rovell shared a video of James rapping along to “ASMR” by rapper 21 Savage. The NBA star wrote the song lyrics, “We been getting Jewish money / Everything is Kosher,” onto his Instagram stories to nearly 46 million followers.

“Surprised LeBron, who makes very few mistakes, put this out,” Rovell tweeted. “Does quoting lyrics from a song absolve the person quoting from the responsibility behind the words? I’d argue no.”

That evening following the Lakers’ 107-99 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies, James expressed his sincerest apology for offending anyone with the quotable.

He told ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, “Apologies, for sure, if I offended anyone. That’s not why I chose to share that lyric. I always [post lyrics]. THat’s what I do. I ride in my car, I listen to great music, and that was a byproduct of it.”

James added, “I actually thought it as a compliment, and obviously it wasn’t through the lens of a lot of people. My apologies. It definitely was not the intent, obviously to hurt anybody.”

The NBA will reportedly take no action against the three-time champion over his mistake, according to reporter Adrian Wojnarowski.

21 Savage’s lyric prompts the positive stereotype that Jewish people are wealthy. JAY-Z was also criticized for making a similar reference on his 2017 song “Story of O.J.”

“ASMR” appears on Savage’s sophomore album,  i am > i was, which released on Dec. 21.