During Game 1 of the 2014 NBA Finals, LeBron James experienced muscle cramps in one of the biggest moments of his career. Dedicated to never having his body fail him again, James partnered with his long-time trainer Mike Mancias to retool his nutrition and fitness regimen with a focus on supplements to fit his performance needs. After struggling to find products that were both clean and effective, the duo decided to launch Ladder, their own line of certified, trusted line of premium supplements.

James envisioned a product that could be used by elite athletes or everyday people to enhance workouts, support health, or performance goals. The four-time NBA champion, four-time league MVP, and two-time Olympic gold medalist says, "There is an athlete in every person and a want to feel great about yourself."

To formulate a line of clean performance products with the highest standards for quality and safety, they assembled a team of fitness and health experts. James also consulted with his long-time friend, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who had a deep knowledge of the sports nutrition industry. The team spent the next four years developing their foundational supplements, focusing on taste, performance, and quality. Each product would be third-party verified with the NSF Certified for Sport® seal of approval, to ensure the product is free of banned substances and unsafe levels of contaminants.

The trusted line of premium supplements include plant-based nutrition shakes, whey and plant protein, pre-workout, superfood greens, and hydration products to help build a strong nutritional foundation and unlock the next level in training and exercise.

Image: courtesy of Ladder

Ladder Plant-Based Nutrition Shake $40 for 30 day supply, ladder.sport

With premium ingredients taken from the highest-quality sources, each shake is loaded with 20 grams of protein, 7 grams of fiber, 26 vitamins and minerals, and no added sugar.

Image: courtesy of Ladder

Ladder Pre-Workout $56 for 30 day supply, ladder.sport

Formulated to help you fight fatigue and enhance strength, including Caffeine, L-Citrulline, Beta-alanine, and Creatine, this supplement helps boost endurance and performance at just the right levels helps boost energy so you can push past your limits.

Image: courtesy of Ladder

Ladder Superfood Greens $60 for 30 day supply, ladder.sport

The perfect mix of some of the healthiest superfoods in the world, Superfood Greens contains essential nutrients that can be hard to get in an everyday diet. This blend of greens, a hint of lemon ginger flavor, vitamins, and minerals tastes crisp and refreshing just mixed with water or as a boost to your favorite drink or smoothie.

Image: courtesy of Ladder

Ladder Premium Hydration $40 for 30 day supply, ladder.sport

To optimize hydration, this supplement helps your body stay fueled, fight fatigue, boost endurance, reduce cramping, and support absorption of important electrolytes.