While preparing for his 20th season in the league, LeBron James has his eyes set on his next business venture.

After his Hall of Fame career is over, the global superstar wants to own an NBA franchise in Las Vegas, reports Sports Illustrated.

Following the Lakers’ 119–115 loss to the Suns at the T-Mobile Arena Wednesday night, James pleaded his case to commissioner Adam Silver in an attempt to be considered as an owner if the league expands to Sin City in the future.

“It’s wonderful, it’s the best fan base in the world and I’d love to bring a team here at some point,” said James. “That would be amazing. I know [NBA commissioner] Adam [Silver] is in Abu Dhabi right now I believe … with the Bucks and Atlanta, but he probably sees every single interview and transcript that comes through from NBA players. So, I want the team here Adam, thank you.” 

This isn’t the first time that James has expressed his desire to own a team in Las Vegas. Back in June, on HBO’s The Shop: Uninterrupted, he openly shared that the city would be the ideal place for a team that he owned.

“I want to own a team,” James said. “I want to buy a team for sure. I want a team in Vegas. I want the team in Vegas.”

During his annual NBA Finals news conference, Silver said there were no immediate plans for the league to expand beyond 30 teams. 

"We are not discussing that at this time," Silver said. "As I said before, at some point, this league invariably will expand, but it's not at this moment that we are discussing it."

When asked specifically about Seattle and Las Vegas as possible destinations for expansion teams, Silver spoke glowingly of both cities.

"Those are wonderful markets," Silver said. "We were in Seattle. I'm sorry we are no longer there. We have a WNBA team in Seattle in an almost brand-new building that's doing spectacular. And Las Vegas, where we will be at our summer league in July, has shown itself to be a great sports market as well."

With an estimated net worth of $1 billion, James could well be on his way to achieving his goal of owning an NBA team when he finally decides to hang up his sneakers.