Last week, President Donald Trump pointed his typing finger in the direction of Lavar Ball, the father of UCLA basketball athlete LiAngelo Ball. Lavar, whose two other sons are also basketball athletes, invoked the president’s social media wrath when he said he wouldn’t thank Trump for aiding LiAngelo after the 19-year-old allegedly shoplifted in China.

Just last Sunday, Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch continued to take part in the movement to protest police brutality during the “Star-Spangled Banner.” But the gag during this game was that Mexico’s national anthem was also played — and Lynch stood. Trump proceeded to call for Lynch’s suspension.

Prior to these particular Twitter rampages, the president has also attacked Golden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry and criticized NFL players who protest during the anthem. But The Source has drawn attention to one athlete whose public disapproval of the president has yet to incite a barrage of four-worded insults from Trump: Lebron James.

Last December, the Cleveland Cavaliers player refused to stay at Trump’s Soho hotel in protest of his presidential win — and any other Trump hotels thereafter. After James’ decided he wouldn’t be checking into any of the hotels, 16 of the 17 NBA teams that once patronized the hotel have since chosen to rest their heads elsewhere. Now, one of NBA’s most valuable players is being credited for inspiring the New York hotel’s recent move to remove the president’s name from their title.

They’ve cited a decline in business for the decision — one that Mr. James played a heavy hand in.

“After LeBron James publicly refused to stay at the hotel last year, the corporate clients and 20 or so sports teams that had been regular guests almost entirely disappeared,” an anonymous employee from the hotel reportedly told the New York Times. “Porters whose base salaries were once buoyed by up to $60,000 a year in gratuities have earned half as much in tips.”

James’ economical sway may very well be the reason Trump has yet to target him on Twitter, especially after the athlete denounced the president for his tirade against NFL protesters in late September.

Clever play, James.