LeBron James, 33, was asked about what it’s like playing with younger ballers while doing press during Lakers training camp on Oct. 9.  The NBA superstar shared that he drinks wine with his sons Bronny, 14, and Bryce, 11, and that they keep him abreast on the topics of the younger generation.

James was initially asked about similarities between him and Lonzo Ball being drafted by their respective hometowns. Then he was questioned about the cultural divide that exists among his teammates who are in their 20’s. The Lakers forward revealed that Bronny and Bryce listen and watch the same things as his teammates.

A reporter then asked what that would say about the young Laker squad to which James responded, “I’ve got mature 14-and 11-year-olds. My 14- and 11-year-olds drink wine.”

“Really?” a reporter asked.

“Yeah, that’s how mature they are. They’ll be driving next week, too,” James teased.

Hear the exchange at the 2:56 mark of the video below.