In this episode of the Recording Academy x EBONY “Black Music Collective Podcast, singer, songwriter, and producer Ledisi speaks on the importance of authenticity and how remaining true to herself has played a hand in her longevity in the music industry. Here’s what we learned from Ledisi's podcast session:

Be Authentic

In the music industry, there are many voices that artists will be subjected to. The labels and executives will have their feedback; fans will have theirs, and so on. However, Ledisi says that while it's important to be open to feedback, it's equally essential to simply be who you are.

"I have always been authentic, and that's the thing—whether you're with a label or not, you gotta be transparent," says Ledisi. "That is what kept me the artist that I am."

Own Your Gift

Furthermore, the "Anything For You" singer maintains that it is paramount to know what your gifts are and own them. 

"I can sing. You can do what you do, which is multiple things. For me, I can sing. I have to own that. If you don't own it, who else will?" Ledisi goes on, "This is my gift. This is my calling. Own who you are. People love that."

Embrace Your Unique Journey

It's necessary to have role models; however, Ledisi emphasized the need for all of us— upcoming music artists, in particular—to embrace our unique paths. 

"The people you look up to — they're a map for you. You have your own way. Your journey is going to be different from theirs, but find the similarities and learn from them," says the New Orleans native. "Study the greats, but find your own voice."

Catch more of Ledisi's gems in the podcast below.