Kid Fury, co-host of The Read podcast, is reportedly developing an HBO comedy series for which The Chi creator Lena Waithe will be one of the executive producers, according to Variety.

The comedian will be the writer and a co-executive producer of the series. The show is currently untitled but is described as a “surreal dark comedy that follows Greg, a 20-something sarcastic gay Black man navigating adulthood and responsibility in New York City while struggling to wrap his head around his undiagnosed clinical depression.”

Kid Fury, born Gregory A. Smith, got his start uploading funny commentary on YouTube nearly a decade ago. In 2012, Smith moved to New York City from Miami. A year later, he began working with Crissle West on The Read, on which the two give their critique on pop culture, current events and life from the perspective of Black individuals of the LGBT community. The podcast has amassed a cult following and does live versions for tours across the U.S. and Europe.

Waithe is very vocal about creating greater representation for Black LGBT individuals. She is writing the upcoming TBS series Twenties, which is centered on the story of a queer Black girl and her two best friends chasing their dreams.