An Alabama high school student has been suspended after “promposing” to another girl, according to one concerned mother.

According to BET News, Jeanise Ross-Walton says her daughter, Janizia, 17, received an in-school suspension after asking her girlfriend to prom during the school talent show. Her girlfriend, who was performing, went without punishment.

The school officials called the moment a “disruption” because it took place on campus, but Walton claims other “promposals’ between boys and girls have occurred during the annual talent show without incident. This leads Walton to believe her daughter was singled out for being a lesbian.

“They are girlfriend and girlfriend,” she said.

School principal Mack Holley later announced over the PA system that Alexandria is a “Christian school” and apologized to anyone who was offended by the gesture.

Walton claims the show sponsor initially approved a plan for Janizia, who was a stagehand, to ask her girlfriend to the prom in front of their friends after she was done performing. The sponsor later withdrew permission, but the MC didn’t get the message and called Janizia out onto the stage anyway. Walton says her daughter “panicked” and proposed, as planned.

The MC was also suspended for bringing Janizia out, a move Walton believes is overkill.

“They hugged and walked off stage. That was it. This was harmless.”