A rousing, modern day story inspired by the ghostwritten love letters of Cyrano de Bergerac, "Let it Shine" is set in the world of hip-hop, rap and gospel music and expresses the importance of staying true to oneself.  Geared towards kids, tweens and families, the story follows a shy, talented musician who pens romantic hip-hop verses only to stand idly by as they're delivered to the girl of his dreams by a proxy, his best friend.

The movie premieres this weekend as part of the popular Disney Channel Original Movie franchise. The inspiring story unfolds in Atlanta, Georgia, as Cyrus DeBarge and his best friend Kris McDuffy reunite with their childhood friend, teenage singing sensation Roxanne "Roxie" Andrews, whose music label is sponsoring a songwriting contest at a teen club.  Cyrus, who writes music under the name "Truth," crafts a heartfelt and contest-winning rhyme about Roxie but to his dismay, his work is mistakenly attributed to Kris. Lacking the confidence to step forward, Cyrus stands by while Kris not only takes credit for the lyrics but ultimately begins to win Roxanne's heart too.  Now, it's up to the true poet to overcome self-doubt, seize the opportunity to reveal his authentic self and pursue his dreams.  All the while, Cyrus must convince his preacher father that hip-hop music can have a positive message.

Who are the stars?

Tyler James Williams ("Everybody Hates Chris") as Cyrus DeBarge; Coco Jones (Radio Disney "N.B.T.") as Roxanne Andrews;  Trevor Jackson ("Eureka") as Kris McDuffy; Brandon Mychal Smith ("So Random!") as Lord of Da Bling; Nicole Sullivan ("MADtv") as Roxanne's music manger Lyla; Alex Desert ("Becker") as club owner, Levi; Courtney B. Vance ("Revenge") as Cyrus' preacher father, Jacob DeBarge; and Dawnn Lewis ("A Different World") as Cyrus' mother, Gail DeBarge.

Yay, for Disney!

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