Prada has tapped actress and EBONY Cover Star Letitia Wright as one of the faces of its Fall/Winter 2023 men's and women's "In Conversation With a Flower" campaign. The collections and campaign were not only inspired by beauty, care and love but also by the brand's exploration of the eternal, timeless values of humanity and universal emotions. 

Brought to life through the metaphor of flowers—both totems and gestures of tenderness and affection—reimagined to human size, a scale that suggests otherworldly emotions. Wright was selected along with four other actors (Benedict Cumberbatch, Hunter Schafer, Kodi Smit-McPhee and Li Xian) who Prada calls cinematic idols, which reflects the brand’s long-standing relationship with cinema as an expression of cultural ideas and ideals. These figures’ mastery of their own craft enables them to evoke these feelings in both still and motion imagery—through words, action and even a glance.

Flowers themselves are seen as ageless symbols of the beauty between the everyday and the extraordinary; which in and of themselves can be seen as conduits of emotion, physical expressions of the intangible. An impossible sequence of surreal conversations unfold between these cinematic figures and flowers.

Letitia Wright's acting will bring you to tears; the emotions she exudes are powerful.

Check out the video below.


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