Without a doubt, we bet you can sing the famous theme song to Reading Rainbow with your eyes closed and one hand tied behind your back. So, it was no surprise that when the influential PBS closed its book after 26 years, folks everywhere would feel a sense of nostalgia.

Now, the show's executive producer and venerable host, Levar Burton, is reclaiming the pledge to teach kids how to read by using digital media as tool. "There is a brand new generation of kids who could definitely use the kind of spark and inspiration Reading Rainbow provided where actually becoming a reader is concerned," Burton told Mashable. "As far as I can tell, reading will never go out of style, and neither will good old fashioned storytelling."

A true sentiment, indeed, but with new flashy apps being made by the nanosecond, will the Reading Rainbow app get its proper promotion? Or will parents forsake their nostalgia in favor of teaching their young the old fashioned way?