Ciara’s “Level Up” challenge was answered by a father, Kennith Thomas, and his toddler son Kristian, who is battling cancer. The singer responded to their viral video by showing up unexpectedly to visit them at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia on Aug. 2. BBC News reported the father and son dance to music when they are in the hospital.

The singer via social media posted about her visit with the father and son duo. She also proclaimed the pair to be the winner of her dance challenge.

According to news reports, Kristian was recovering from his first round of chemotherapy after being diagnosed with cancer. Thomas, a dancer and choreographer, posted the video of his son dancing to “Level Up” and it received a lot of attention in the media. He thanked Ciara in a series of posts via social media for the visit.


This is Ciara’s first music video after being on a musical hiatus. Currently, the video has around 17 million views. She then issued a challenge for people to do their best rendition of the dance and would announce the winner. Fans across the world have been posting their responses to the challenge.


Check out the original video of the duo dancing below