A new campaign is seeking to show some love to LGBTQ youth this holiday season. Your Holiday Mom is a virtual letter-writing service specifically dedicated to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer or questioning youth this holiday season.

The service, started by Robin Rice in 2010, is meant to reach thousands of LGBTQ youths who are not accepted by their parents.

“Happy holidays! This is your holiday mom! Well, if you want me to be your holiday mom. I’m not an important mom. I’m just another mom out in the world, but I’m a mom who really accepts you as you are, and celebrates you as you are,” Rice wrote in one virtual letter.

Her letter quickly went viral and inspired Rice to create Your Holiday Mom the following year. Every day starting at Thanksgiving and ending at the start of the New Year, 40 moms and dads volunteer to write a virtual letter to the teens to let them know they are loved.

This year, a letter reportedly reached more than 23,000 subscribers, and for many of them, the words of love are life-saving.

“We have quite a few comments where [readers] said ‘I was going to take my life tonight and I found this and I’m not going to,’” Rice told NBC News. “It’s really powerful.”