Normally when people think of big ticket technology, visions of 80-inch HD televisions come to mind. But sometimes tech can take different type of high-end turn. Whether through the addition of decadent luxury to already existing products, or by using the latest technological advances to make the ordinary extraordinary, it’s pretty easy to step your game waaayyy up if you can afford it. Here are a few “tech-luxe” pieces for the baller in all of us.

As if those ubiquitous Beats by Dre headphones weren’t expensive enough, someone found a way to more than double the $299.99 price tag. And that someone was Oscar De La Renta. The internationally acclaimed designer added his own special touch to a limited edition pair of the popular headphones. For just $695, you can own this already high-end gadget, only yours will be covered in plum-colored silver fox fur! If you’re actually brave enough to wear them out in public, you’ll be the most stylish music lover on the B train.

But if traditional tech toys are your thing, hop a plane across the pond to get them all in one place. World renowned uber-high-end department store Harrods of London opened a 20,000 square foot technology salon last year. Million-dollar 152-inch televisions, a made-to-order 11-foot tall iPad dock, and limited edition BlackBerrys designed by Porsche are just a few of the ridiculously extravagant offerings. Just don’t forget about that exchange rate, the dollar is getting killed by the British pound so everything will be 1.5 times more expensive.

And for those of you who’d like to channel your inner Trinidad James, you really can have ‘all gold everything’. Using a revolutionary nanotechnology process, Italian luxury brand Mi Piaci has come up with a way to infuse 24 karat gold into leathers and furs without altering the texture of the surface. The company promises the technique is more than just skin deep – the gold permeates the entire material and won’t rub off for the life of the item. Currently, they are offering 24K handbags made of leather or alligator skin, and fur coats and other fur accessories.

While I’m not advocating for folks to live beyond their means, my father always told me not to count anyone else’s money either. So if your wallet can handle it, these are just a few ways to step up your tech game. And who doesn’t like a little luxury every now and then?

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