Somewhere, Trinidad James is doing a double backflip in excitement about one of the widely rumored features of the newest iPhone. But in addition to the possibility of “all gold everything," there are a couple of other updates that folks can’t wait to get their hands on. Here’s what you can expect:

The next iPhone is widely believed to be the iPhone 5S, and all signs point to a September 10th release date.  Two areas where Apple fans will see an immediate upgrade are in the speed of the device and the camera. Swapping out the A6 processor for an A7 chip means that the new offering could be up to 31% faster than the iPhone 5. The camera will still have an 8 megapixel sensor, but adding a larger aperture and dual LED flash would mean that you would get significantly higher quality images and the camera would operate much better in low light conditions. There will also be a 128 GB storage option for the new smartphone, which would mean a huge boost in capacity for people who use their phones to hold onto those 3,479 Instagram photos, hundreds of Vine videos, and their entire mixtape catalog.

One other cool feature being speculated is a fingerprint scanner in the Home button. This rumored upgrade is believed to be powered by Apple's $356 million acquisition of AuthenTec last summer. The company builds the semiconductor sensors that would power the new iPhone’s ability to log you in to different websites or pay for things online with literally just the touch of a button.

But probably the most talked about feature of the forthcoming Apple smartphone has nothing to do with the functionality of the device itself. The buzz surrounding the new color offering has been huge, with a “gold rush” of excitement around the idea of another option to choose from. Reports are that the new color will be more of a tasteful, muted champagne as opposed to bright gold but folks are still clamoring for it just the same. I like the idea of a new color and I think that this, along with the other new features, could make September’s launch one of Apple’s most successful.

So while I won’t be spending the night camped outside my local AT&T store next month, I am way overdue for an upgrade and I don’t think I’ll be able to hold out until the iPhone 6 comes out some time next year. A faster iPhone with a better camera may just be on my agenda sooner rather than later, and besides, who doesn’t love a little gold??

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