It happens so often that you would think we’d have learned our lesson by now – someone uses Facebook or some other social media to post something wildly inappropriate about their job/boss/co-worker and ends up getting fired in the process.  These days, you just can’t say anything you want about any ole’ body and put it out there on the web – or can you? is a secure website that promises complete and total anonymity for its users.  You create an account, choose an avatar (no pictures please!), pick your company, and start posting.  Your account information is encrypted so that not even the admins at OfficeLeaks can see it.  It’s so secure that your password is the only way to access the account.  If you forget the password, there’s none of that ‘Forgot Your Password?’ request stuff.  You’d have to create an entirely new account, because the company doesn’t want to risk exposing your identity.

The content you post is also encrypted and stored on a separate secure server so that no connection can be made between your user account and the info you post. They’ve gone to great lengths to make sure you have an open forum to air your grievances without fear of retribution from the higher-ups. However, in order to maintain the strictest privacy standards, you should not access this website from a company-owned computer or using your company’s internet connection.  I created an account using a company I worked for previously and actually read a couple of posts from current employees complaining about feeling underpaid and underappreciated (aren’t we all?). OfficeLeaks hopes to become a tool where companies can actually use the anonymous posts to improve the working conditions and morale of their employees.

With well over 250 companies already listed, OfficeLeaks bills itself as ‘Water Cooler 2.0’ where people can vent about a boss, see if those rumors of layoffs are true, or just gossip about that guy who won’t clean his stuff out of the refrigerator.  Everyone’s not in a position to just up and leave their current job if they’re unhappy, and this could be a healthy way to get some of those frustrations out without doing any damage to your reputation (or company property!). So if you have beef with Bill from Accounting, don’t risk losing your job by calling him out in a Twitter rant.  OfficeLeaks will let you get all of that off your chest and still take home a check!

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