“What’s going on this weekend?” It’s a question I’ve found myself asking countless number of times and not always being satisfied with the answer—especially when my friends seem to come up emptyhanded. Maybe I’m not the social butterfly I think I am, or maybe missing one too many happy hours has gotten me kicked off someone’s email distribution. Either way, sometimes I could use a little help in finding out what’s going down around town. That help would come in especially handy if I happened to be out of town and was trying to get a little taste of culture and nightlife in my temporary surroundings. Enter a new website and app that promises to keep you in the loop.

MyClickUrban is a mobile technology company started by three African-American professionals who were looking to not only connect people with social activities, but to enhance their political and cultural lives as well. Lasana O. Hotep, Alonzo “AJ” Jones, and James Lewis are not traditional techies, maintaining careers in higher education while embarking on this new venture as social entrepreneurs based in Phoenix. The three share the vision of making MyClickUrban a tool to “use urban events as a source of engagement and empowerment for our communities.” So it’s not just all about the parties y’all – the website and accompanying app provide information on everything from happy hours to art exhibitions to family-friendly events across the country. The company also stresses the fact that it thrives on user-generated content, meaning that anyone promoting an event can submit their information and use MyClickUrban as another avenue for marketing (subject to approval).

When you visit the website or launch the app, you can choose from a list of urban hubs across the country, including Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, and the New York metro area. A total of eleven major cities are featured, with New Orleans and Oakland being added this month. Then you can pick from a variety of different event categories like ‘Live Performances’, ‘Family Fun,' ‘Local Night Life,' or ‘Conventions/Business’ among others. Click the links to get the event details and you’re good to go! You can share events through social media, and the app allows you to add them to your calendar as well.

The website itself is a great tool and anyone with a computer can check it out and start finding events right away, but I am especially impressed with the overall look and ease of navigation of the app. I can definitely see myself using this resource to find quality events while I’m traveling as well as cool stuff to do in my own city. The app is free for iPhone, with the new Android version just launched this month.

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