Believe it or not, we are more than halfway through 2022. For some, it signifies a moment to evaluate the success of resolutions set at the top of the year and where they aim to go from there. However, it's also easy to fall into a bit of a slump when it feels as if not enough progress has been made. 

Master Manifestor and Life Coach Mariko Bennett believes that with a bit of organization and faith, there is always a time to maximize our respective capabilities in order to achieve our goals. In Bennett's book, The Blueprint to Manifest Your Dreams, she outlines a variance of strategies to help individuals positively align their intentions and tackle whatever they set out to do. 

Below, Bennett shares tips on how to manifest success and power in your life.

EBONY: People have become more conscious of the aspect of manifestation through vision boards or vision mapping. Per your expertise, what constitutes a solid manifestation plan that one can develop to attack their goals head on? 

Mariko Bennett: I believe that there are four C's to the process of manifestation. Creating a vision board is just the first step which is to crystallize. This is where you're putting your vision into a clear focus. Then, you have to customize a plan that works for you and your life. Next, you have to cultivate that plan and actually put the work in. The last thing is to curate. This is where you're actually tracking, measuring success, figuring out what's working and what's not working along the way.

The Blueprint to Manifest Your Dreams, (Coco B Productions), Mariko Bennett, $20, Image: courtesy of Mariko Bennett.

How can you consistently check on those throughout the year to make sure you're holding yourself accountable?

One of the things that I tell people all the time is if your dreams were second nature and easy it would already be done. If you already had the tools, systems and structure in place to achieve those dreams, then it would be done. Dreams are what takes us out of our comfort zone. It's the shining star that you're trying to reach which requires that you walk through all of the different mountains and valleys to get there. So, having accountability partners is a great tool to help achieve your goals and dreams. Similarly to how one might need a personal trainer for getting in shape, an accountability partner helps to keep you on track as a cheerleader of support. I would recommend people write down three to five goals and the actionable steps to reach each of those goals. 

Additionally, I try to get people to think about their life in various focus areas such as physical fitness, changing your mindset, professional development, financial goals, social goals and spirituality. Whatever you're focused on, know that you don’t have to focus on them all at once—that's just overwhelming. Focusing on one or two light focus areas is being intentional. So establish those focus areas, set those goals, apply actionable steps, create a timeline for them to track and measure success and then wrap yourself around some accountability partners and accountability tools to help you stay focused when the going gets hard as the work is not easy. 

As we’ve reached the halfway mark of 2022, many may feel that it’s too late to manifest their dreams and goals and that they will have to start again next year. What are some suggestions for individuals to realign themselves and get into gear?

It is never too late to dream or step into your purpose. That's why it's important to be intentional about what you do with your time each day. Now is a perfect time to check in on what goals you wanted to accomplish this year and know that it’s okay to restart. After you do that, reassess your plan and create a method of attack that works for you.