I used to be that girl. I could walk around the mall blindfolded and know exactly where every store was. Salespeople gave me first dibs on the new stuff that came into the store. End-of-season clearance sales were like my holidays. I wouldn’t quite call it an “addiction” per se, but I definitely knew how to get my retail therapy on when necessary. A new budget and other financial responsibilities have curtailed my shopping excursions a bit, but I still like to know what’s hot when it comes to fashion. So yet again, technology comes to the rescue with a new app that keeps you up-to-date and in style.

Appropriately titled “The New”, this free app lets you keep up with your favorite brands on your mobile phone. Over 100 brands are scanned daily for the latest styles, from high-end designers like Christian Louboutin and Chloe to the more budget-friendly Banana Republic. You get an alert when new items are spotted, and you can go directly to the website to shop now or email yourself the link to shop later. You also have the choice of checking out new items, or getting an alert when the price of an item drops as well.

Jamie Braxton, co-founder of The New, explains the allure of the app: “Many people in our society carry a smartphone and shop from their phone. We wanted to create a mobile shopping app to accommodate consumers who live fast paced lives but want to make time to shop. Our app handles the window shopping and sends alerts of new items from your favorite brands. The “new section” on every site is one of the most popular places people go, our app allows you to see all the new items from multiple sites at once”. 

There are a couple of things I like about this app. I can appreciate the simplicity and ease of use of the interface, and I also like the fact that I get price drop alerts in addition to new style updates (there is that whole budget thing to consider after all). So whether you’re a hardcore shopaholic or just like to keep up with what’s in style, ‘The New’ is the way to do it.

‘The New’ app is free and currently only available for iPhone.

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