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15 Things Black Dads Don’t Hear Enough

Black people deal with a lot of scrutiny and criticism on a daily basis — but we all need a break from that. We’ve reached out to our moms and to black men in general, but now we’ve got some words of encouragement for the black fathers out there.

1.     Thank you for being the first man to introduce me to sports!

2.     Thank you for making my standards for relationships and dating so high that I don’t bring just anyone around to meet you. If a partner meets you, they’re likely “the one.”

3.     Thank you for teaching me how to be a man when society only saw me as a thug.

4.     Thank you for pushing me to learn more about black history and culture so that I grew up knowing who I am and whose I am.

5.     Thank you for teaching me the value of hard work but also reminding me not to take myself (or life) too seriously

6.     Thank you for making me listen to your music on road trips, even when I rolled my eyes as you told me about the “good ol’ days.”

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