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This 17-Year-Old Is On Her Way to Earning Her Ph.D!

This 17-Year-Old Is On Her Way to Earning Her Ph.D!

Talk about being a whiz kid!

We first heard about Thessalonika Azru-Embry when she graduated from college at just 14.

Now, the scholar, who has already earned her masters degree, is super close to completed her doctorate. Did we mention that Thessalonika is just 17?


According to Black Doctor, Thessalonika was home-schooled and started her post-secondary education career when she was 11, and started her Ph.D program in aviation psychology in 2016.

“When I began to think about a profession, I chose one where I could make an impact,” Thessalonika told the publication. “I feel honored for the opportunity to help others at an early age. I feel very glad to enter college and help people.”

Thessalonika took interest in the field of aviation thanks to her dad’s profession. He currently works as a manager at O’Hare International Airport.

“I grew up around airplanes,” the teen said. “We took flights all the time.”

Thessalonika is currently writing her dissertation on dreams. She thinks they can be an interesting way to analyze what’s currently happening in their lives.

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Following the completion of her degree, she hopes to gain and use knowledge that is useful for aviation companies and reduce “human factor errors” that cause plane crashes.

“That’s really a blend of psychology and business,” the teen said.



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