Baron Davis Releases Mixtape Under ‘Black Santa Co.’

Photo: The Black Santa Co.

Baron Davis’ The Black Santa Co. has released a new mixtape just in time for the holidays. The company officially dropped the Winter Wonderland mixtape, which reportedly showcases tracks from artists that include Dr. Ira Shoemaker and Chilly the Polar Bear.

Billboard reports that as of Dec. 8, the digital download is available on all of the hottest streaming services, including Tidal, Spotify, iTunes and Google Play.

“I created all the characters and their profiles on how they function in the world,” the NBA star told Billboard. “The team went out with producers to adopt these characters and own them through music. My thought was, ‘What’s the best way for us to express this music and not be so genre-specific?’ That’s through animation.”

Davis recently launched his second tour, The Black Santa Co., by bringing Black Santa back to NFL star Marshawn Lynch’s BeastMode store in Oakland, California.

“We did it last year, and we didn’t really get the audience, but this year the word traveled and there was lines around the block,” Davis explained. “It was so dope. It wasn’t about Black Santa; it was about the 10-year-old girl who got $300 worth of toys. It was about the families who said, ‘Thank you,’ because they wanted someone who looked and could communicate like their kids.”

For Winter Wonderland updates, click here.

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