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Cardi B Tells Beautycon Attendees to Secure Their Bag

EBONY captured the diversity and powerful advice from Cardi B at the soldout convention.

Cardi B Tells Beautycon Attendees to Secure Their Bag
Photo courtesy of Beautycon

What does beauty mean to you? That’s the question Beautycon wants its attendees to ask themselves.

For far too long, we’ve let others impose their standards of beauty on us. But it’s time we finally learn to celebrate the beauty of self-expression and staying true to ourselves. “Once you learn how to feel confident in your own skin, you shouldn’t care what anyone [else] has to say,” said celebrity stylist Ty Hunter on the pink carpet. “If you think you’re cute, you’re cute, and that’s all that should matter,” echoed internet sensation LaLa Milan.

For the summit’s co-founder and boss babe Moj Mahdara, Beautycon is a diverse gathering of people of all shades, races, genders and sizes who want to redefine beauty. She sees it as a spot where all can come together and break the beauty and gender stereotypes society perpetuates daily. With engaging panel discussions topics such as “I Deserve to Be Seen: Beauty Bias & Representation” and “Let’s Talk About Toxic Masculinity,” the global beauty conference is doing just that.

But Mahdara is not only interested in boosting our self-confidence, she also wants us to level up financially. So at the Beautycon New York 2019 Festival earlier this month, she invited Cardi B to dish tips on how to secure your bag and prevent it from slipping. Check out the panel discussion below.

Video courtesy of Beautycon

Also, peep EBONY correspondent Ashley Jamison at this year’s Beautycon New York Festival as she asked mega male and female influencers and celebs what makes them feel beautiful, strong and inspired.


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