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Google Pledges $1M to Bring More Black Males to Tech

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When it comes to STEM, there’s an obvious lack of diversity regarding the work sector.

But Google just made a huge commitment to bringing more Black males into the field.

According to Huffington Post, the tech giant issued a $1 million grant to The Hidden Genius Project. The organization seeks to increase the representation of young Black males in the STEM industry.

The Hidden Genius Project, which is based in Oakland, California, mentors Black boys and provides them with skills needed to inspire future techies of color.

The donation is just the beginning though.

Google, as well as many major technology companies, has work to do regarding the process of achieving a workforce that is diverse.

According to the company’s latest diversity report, released in June, the number of African-American employees remained at a standstill over the past year, with 2 percent of the overall American workforce being Black, and just 1 percent working in tech.


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