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Fit Friday: 3 Simple Keys to Better Fitness

On Thursday, I wrote about the importance of mentally preparing for better health. Without a solid mental foundation, it’s nearly impossible to stick to a better lifestyle for the long-term.

This week, I’d like to offer you three simple keys to better fitness, specifically, getting started.

Roll Out of the Bed

This may seem obvious, but roughly 80 percent of those who verbally commit to a life of fitness have trouble actually getting out of bed to make it to the gym, their living room or where ever else they work out. On those days when you feel like relaxing instead of pumping iron, GET UP ANYWAY. Eventually, your body will become accustomed to the routine and your sanity will thank you for it.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Whether you decide to wear basketball shorts and an over-sized T-shirt or leggings and a sports bra, BE COMFORTABLE. You’re not in the gym to turn heads with your fashion. I’m not saying go out in public looking busted, but looking good should not be a priority when working up a sweat. Dress as if you are ready to work because that’s what you’ll be doing. If you get hot easily and are comfortable showing some skin, then, by all means, rock your cute little gym wear. If you prefer loose-fitted clothing, then enjoy your workout in all of your baggy glory. Either way, comfort is a must because if you do it right, your workout won’t be too pleasant anyway. You’ll be sweaty, sore and exhausted—all good ingredients for a nice, solid workout!

Stay Hydrated

I challenge you to pay close attention to how much water you consume in a day. When you’re working out with friends, or alone, how much water do you drink? I am not talking about foods and liquids that have H2O as a main ingredient. If you are not drinking enough water throughout the day when you’re not working out, do not expect to go very far in your fitness journey. Water is a key element to overall health, and you need tons of it when you’re training. You are pushing your body beyond its comfort zone during times of fitness, and you need to stay hydrated at a much higher rate than when sedentary. So if you’re drinking less than eight glasses of water now, I suggest that you meet that minimum before embarking on your workout. Aim for at least 10 8 oz. glasses of water a day. Your body will thank you for it.

Often, we overlook the simplest of tactics that can keep us on track when working toward goals. Master these three tips and you’ll be running miles in no time.


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