7 Motivational Mugs to Start Off Your Days Right in 2022

Image: svetikd/ Getty Images.

Before 2022 begins, load up on a few cute ceramic mugs with inspirational slogans to help get your day started off right. Sites like Amazon and Etsy host a multitude of Instagram-friendly coffee cups with a large variety of motivational sayings in a plethora of fonts. Outside of just drinking out of an “inspirational” mug, use it as a means to help you reach your goals. As you take sips, mentally create a list of what you want to have accomplished for the day, week, or year and start working towards it. Yes, it’s time to start making things happen! 

Here, we’ve rounded up 7 inspirational-slogan cups to help get you in the right mindset to achieve your dreams.

Image: courtesy of Gigi Bean Creations

Gigi Bean Creations Mug, $18, zazzle.com
Image: courtesy of Heaven of Mugs

Heaven of Mugs Mug, $19, amazon.com 
Image: courtesy of Black Mugs N Stuff

Black Mugs N Stuff Mug, $19, etsy.com
Image: courtesy of Grafeeks

Grafeeks Mug, $15, amazon.com
Image: courtesy of CJ Says Creations

CJ Says Creations Mug, $15, etsy.com 
Image: courtesy of Amazon

Thank You Gifts mug, $20, amazon.com
Image: courtesy of Zazzle

Zazzle Mug, $17, zazzle.com

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