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3 Island Getaways That You’ll Absolutely Love

There’s no better time to visit someplace warm and sunny than when it’s cold and dreary where you live. Check out the virtues of the island groups included in this November 2017 reposted article.

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It isn’t winter yet technically, but if you live in a cold climate, you don’t have to wait for a calendar to tell you that cool weather is coming. In addition to seasonal affective disorder (SAD), we must battle harsh weather conditions and a significant lack of motivation due to the deprivation of sunlight.

While we might not necessarily have the option of packing up and leaving for good, we can, in fact, escape for at least a little while. Below are three island getaways that you will absolutely love:


Photo: U.S. News/Travel

Island Group: Bahamas

Why You’ll Love It: This little island literally has something for everyone. If you’re a couch potato who is looking for some amazingly warm scenery, then Hotel Atlantis is your spot. If you are looking for more adventure, grab your kayak and hit up Andros Island. If you simply want to chill, then there’s PLENTY of that going around. Just sayin.’

What to expect: Besides the warm weather, this quaint little island is full of flavor. Housed with more than 2,000 beaches, native food (you’ve got the try the callaloo soup), the people are just full of love and life.


Photo: Hawaii Travel Guide

Island Group: Hawaiian

Why You’ll Love It: I mean …it’s Hawaii, aka the island of paradise. Enough said. Just kidding. This destination is for those who are either seeking to still be connected to their home (America), or are in need of peace, tranquility and nature. Some of the state’s main islands literally offer something for everyone. All you’ve got to do is take your pick.

What to expect: When you visit this island destination, expect a variety of different experiences. Maui is peaceful. Oahu and Honolulu are more Americanized and very busy like any major city in the country. These are two of the state’s eight islands.


Photo: The Telegraph

Island Group: The Maldives

Why You’ll Love It: The two previous island groups are generally in close proximity to the U.S. While they’re good for a quick little escape, it doesn’t do too much for those seeking an experience away from home (i.e., long flights, airplane rides across the sea, being literally on the other side of the world). Well, the Maldives can offer you that and more. In addition to pretty much experiencing a whole new world, this group of Indian Ocean islands is known for its lagoons, and if you are quite the adventurer, this place is just for you!

No matter which island you end up on for your winter vacation, rest assured that where you are headed is much better than where you’re leaving … at least for a little while.


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