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Stay Fit Anywhere with a HIIT Workout Routine


Summer’s coming.  That means that we’re in the home stretch when it comes to getting our bodies snatched for a summer slay.  If you’re been slacking and finding excuses why you can’t fit a trip to gym into your busy day, we’ve got the perfect solution for you.

New York bred, San Juan based fitness coach and NASM Certified personal trainer Kali Blocker specializes in helping people transform their bodies and minds to live a flexibly fit lifestyle no matter their schedule. Her fitness brand, Kali Got Body works for everyone from the avid traveler to the high level exec and stay-at- home mom because she believes no one is too busy to incorporate healthy habits into their day-to-day routine.

Fitness Coach Kali Blocker. Photo Credit: Arianna Cuesta of Ojos Nebulos Photography

Fitness Coach Kali Blocker. Photo Credit: Arianna Cuesta of Ojos Nebulos Photography

It doesn’t take much to change your workout life.  With Kali’s HIIT Workout, which is suitable for those just getting started and fit junkies alike, all you need is 30-minutes, an interval timer and yourself!  Get started with the below and before you know it, Kali won’t be the only one whose got body!

Kali’s ‘HIIT Anywhere’ Workout

Circuit 1
Tabata Work-Out

:20 seconds of work and :10 seconds of rest for 8 consecutive rounds. Total 4 minutes. 1 minute rest in between sets.
2 rounds of each exercise in a set. Then repeat for another 4 minutes.
Sumo Squats with Side Knee Tucks
Standing Crunches w/ alternating legs
Squat Step-Out, Step-In
Wide & Narrow Squat hops

Circuit 2
Interval: :30 seconds of work, :10 seconds of rest. 6 rounds.
Repeat this circuit for 3 sets. 1 minute of rest after each set.
Step & Reach
Jumping Jaks
Split Squat w/ Front & Lateral Raises (Left leg)
Split Squat w/ Front & Lateral Raises (Right leg)
Twist Hops
Plank Walk Out & In

You can keep up with Kali and her body on her website Kali Got Body and on Instagram.


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