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New Hashtag Hits Social Media Fever Pitch

To help quell notions of self-doubt and insecurity, digital residents band together on social networks, making a stand in front of the Internet world. Whether it’s #BlackOutFriday or #MelaninMonday, phrases tied together with a hashtag serve as a meeting place for those bent on breaking down social constructs on the Internet. One particular call for acknowledgement was an eye-catcher on Monday afternoon.

#IWillNotApologizeForBeingDarkSkin served as a rallying cry for those melanin-blessed brothers and sisters to embrace and show off their beautiful chocolate features, making it known that the idea of “light = beauty” is as false as those “UFOs” seen in Southern California over the weekend.

The hashtag, created by Twitter user Alicia Daniella, acknowledged past discrimination she suffered over her skin tone, and the harsh effects that had on her. She went on to state that her fellow dark-skinned brothers and sisters had no reason to apologize for their natural-born skin color.

On the contrary, she says: It should be embraced and shared with the world to bask in its glory. Thus, another hashtag was born, becoming the destination of thousands of submissions from users who felt more than comfortable in the skin they were in.

Cory Townes is the Social Media Manager for

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