Creative Spotlight: Lougè Delcy, Photographer and Creative Director

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Name: Lougè Delcy

From: Brooklyn

Occupation: Creative Director & Photographer

Socials/Website: TwitterInstagram –

Bio: I was born and raised in Brooklyn, with a strong Haitian heritage, thanks to my parents. I’ve been capturing images of life for eight years, and just recently created Dapper Studios as a means to expand the quality of work that I do.

Dapper Lou - Creatives Spotlight - Lougè Delcy

EBONY: Can you give us a little insight on your start and message behind your photography and what Dapper Studios is?

Lougè Delcy: I started out as an unpaid stylist, and eventually tried my hand at photography. My two distinct backgrounds helped a lot when it came to finding my outlook on the world. My photography is a celebration of color, culture, and life. I see the beauty and the possibilities of every aspect of the world and try to capture them in their moments.

Dapper Lou - Creatives Spotlight - Lougè Delcy

Over the years, I’ve developed a network of friends who range from designers to poets. Dapper Studios was built for us to come together, to be inspired and ultimately, to create. Whether we’re brainstorming, or having painting parties, it’s fun to have a group of like-minded people doing cool things in a creative space.
Dapper Lou - Creatives Spotlight - Lougè Delcy

EBONY: What advice would you give on how to capture the perfect photo?

Lougè Delcy: For me, capturing the perfect photo is about finding the feeling. Whether you’re shooting a model, a flower, or a chair– what is the feeling you have that makes you want to photograph it? Try to capture that as best you can. Have fun with it, take loads of photos, and then go home and edit it down to your top three favorite shots. Those shots should be the ones that captured the emotion you had originally and helps you remember that moment. When you have the perfect shot, you’ll know it. No explanation needed.

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EBONY: What are five of your personal goals?

Lougè Delcy:

  • First and foremost, my number one goal is to pray consistently
  • I plan to work on a photo book some day
  • Making the effort to smile more
  • Eating more greens
  • Exercising regularly

static1.squarespace-25EBONY: What are five things people don’t know about you? 

Lougè Delcy:

  • Most don’t know that I’m left handed
  • I have a short attention span.
  • My socks never match
  • I speak Creole
  • I have a pet cat named Suede.

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