Saints Player Gifts Super Bowl Tickets to 108-Year-Old Vet

The New Orleans Saints might not have made it to this year’s Super Bowl, but one of their players is making headlines for a wonderful deed.

According to FOX 8 Live, NFL player and Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee, Cam Jordan, took to FaceTime to give a 108-year-old vet two tickets to a football game. The Saints are Brooks’ favorite team.

And guess what? Lawrence Brooks simply will not be attending any game, but the Super Bowl!

Brooks, a World War II veteran, was born when William Howard Taft was president. To further put this into perspective, the Titanic hadn’t even sunk yet, hell it hadn’t even been built.

Despite living during a time where cell phones, social media and Facetime did not exist, Brooks used modern technology to communicate with Jordan, who graced him with the tickets of a lifetime.

Jordan also took time to acknowledge Brooks for his service to the country, and Brooks thanked Jordan for his hard work on the turf.

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“I want you to keep it up, keep it up, keep it up… you hear,” Brooks said excitedly.

On Sunday Feb. 4, the New England Patriots will face the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII.




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