Geneva Reed-Veal

[VIDEO] Sandra Bland’s Mother Speaks Out

Geneva Reed-Veal talks with about the details surrounding her daughter's death.

Geneva Reed-Veal

Geneva Reed-Veal

On July 13, 2015, Geneva Reed-Veal became part of an exclusive club that she hopes nobody else will be joining.

There are no badges of honor, and membership is not voluntary. The dues can only be paid via a life-long debt of grief that never goes away. On that dreadful summer day, Ms. Reed-Veal lost her daughter, 28-year-old Sandra Bland and the details surrounding her death remain a mystery.

The pain Reed-Veal is feeling goes deeper than the hashtag "whathappenedtosandrabland" and in an exclusive interview with, the grieving mom lets us into her new reality. She says she also wants the world to know who her daughter truly was.

Watch, and let's keep pushing for justice for Bland and so many others.


Part One, Geneva Reed-Veal tells us who Sandra Bland is.


Part Two, Sandra's mother talks about how this incident has personally affected her.


Part Three, Geneva explains how we can increase awareness of Sandy's story.


Click here to listen to a discussion of this presentation with SiriusXM radio host Joe Madison.

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