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[THAT THING] Isabella’s Cookies

Cookies. Cookies. Cookies.

Despite my best efforts to kill my inner Cookie Monster, I'm still a fiend for the flavor. Luckily/unluckily (depending on how you look at it), I recently got hip to Isabella's Cookies and OH BOY. The seasonal "Limey" joints with the white chocolate chips and lime drizzle are off-the-hizzle. You really got a hold on me, Isabella. 

As a baker myself, I appreciate the California-based company's practice of using only the best ingredients: real butter, Madagascar vanilla, quality chocolate…while this won't do much for my diet, I can at least indulge in the best junk food, right? Right. 

Vegan homies will appreciate Isabella's wide variety of animal product-free goodies, including the awesome and first red velvet cookie I've ever had. 

Get your own taste of Isabella's Cookies from their adorable website…or win a bag! We'll be giving away two "Limey" bite bags on Twitter. Follow @EBONYmag for deets!

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